Since Japan reopened border on March 2022, many international exhibitors are rushing in to exhibit!
Why not exhibit at CONTENT TOKYO to reboot your international business?

Due to the eased travel restrictions in Japan on March 2022, many overseas companies exhibited at RX Japan's shows to restart their international business. 

Why we exhibited at trade shows in Japan

- Voices of International exhibitors who exhibited physically from April onwards

Mr. Simone Legno (TOKIDOKI, LLC.)

Mr. Chris Longstaff (Mindtech) @AI EXPO TOKYO

Ms. Ly Thanh Tam (Ekoios) @BLOCKCHAIN EXPO TOKYO

Mr. Milan Fujita Karpisek (Amadeus Corporation) @XR Fair Tokyo

Green Hills Software (USA) @ Japan IT Week

Stapf (Germany) @ Fashion World Tokyo

Benefits of exhibiting physically

Many international companies met HIGH-QUALITY Japanese visitors Face to Face by exhibiting the on-site shows.

1.VISA Support by Show Management

Now vaccination certificates / on-arrival PCR tests / isolations are unnecessary for most of the countries / regions, but only VISA. Show Management will support you to obtain VISA to exhibit at CONTENT TOKYO physically!

2.Web Pages/E-mails Featuring International Exhibitors

Web pages featuring international exhibitors are created and e-mail promotions are conducted to visitors from Japan and all over the world.

3. Media Exposure

Show Management publishes press releases regularly and the show is often covered in various media including TV news, internet news, industrial newspapers, etc.

Request More Details on Exhibiting

Considering exhibiting? Contact us Now!

Show Management will give you a free introduction and provide you with first-hand information.

・Exhibition Outline ・Exhibiting Cost ・Exhibitor List ・Floor Plan ・New Border Measures, etc.

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