Consisting Shows


The premier international licensing trade show for all categories of properties and creative content from all around the world will be represented.

Creators' Expo

The perfect venue for creators (writer, manga artist, illustrator, photographer, etc.) to promote their work to every media.

Production/Studio Expo

Production/Studio Expo is a specialised trade show gathering video, CG and related content production companies.

Content Distribution & Management Expo

Comprehensive showcase for technologies and solutions for distribution and management of video, anime, game music, publishing, web, apps, etc.

Content Marketing Expo

Japan's leading exhibition gathering various solutions for content marketing such as graphics, webpages, podcasts and video.

Advanced Digital Technology Expo

Japan's leading exhibition gathering the latest, most innovative and quality solutions for entertainment experiences and interactive technologies.

PR Design & Branding Expo

Newly launched trade show for the production companies of advertisement, web pages, publishers, design firms, and editing productions.

VR/AR/MR World

VR/AR/MR World is a special showcase for product/service/technology related to virtual reality and augmented reality.