Content Solutions Expo

Content Solutions Expo

What's Content Solutions Expo?

Content Solutions Expo is a cross-border showcase for solutions in content creation, management, distribution and interaction. Its wide range of exhibits attract numerous professionals from every sector of entertainment/media industry in Japan and other Asian countries. Here is the best venue to explore your business in different markets.

Exhibit Profile

  • Production/Editing Technology (Creation)

●Video, CG, Animation, Game Creation

- CG Software

- CGI Tool

- Materials (Movie, Picture etc.)

- Camera (HDTV, 3D, 4K, 8K)

- Monitor Screen

- Workstation

- Middleware


- Motion Picture/Editing Software

- Video Editing System

- Peripheral Device

- Display

- Game Engine

●Music Creation


- Music Creation

- Mastering Device


- Music Editing Software

●WEB/App Creation

- Web Authoring Tool/Software

- App Development Software

  • Management, Operational Technology (Management)


- Content Management System (CMS)/Service

- Server

- Hosting Service

- Cloud Service

- Storage


- Security Solution

- Anti-forgery for WEB

- Solution for Information Leakage Suppression

- Search Engine

  • Distribution

●Distribution Technology/Service

- Content Delivery Service (CDN)

- Data Compression/Transmission

- Distribution Platform

- E-Commerce Website Creation

- Digital Rights Management (DRM)

- Encoding

- E-Commerce Package

- Content Mediation Service

●Payment, Certification

- Charge/Payment Service

- Personal Info Protection

- Authentication Infrastructure

- Client Management Solution


Visitor Profile

  • Media (TV, Film, Animation, Game, Publishing, etc.)
  • Production companies
  • Content distributors
  • PR/Marketing & promotion divisions of companies
  • Product planning divisions of manufacturers
  • etc.

What exhibitors can achieve at this expo - comments from 2015 exhibitors (excerpt)

We were approached by various visitors for example corporate, media, universities, colleges etc. about our video platforms. After the show we have been working on 10 leads and this will potentially build up to JPY 6 million in sales by the end of the year. EVIRY, Japan

We made our booth so it visually stands out and dictates what our business is about. Effectively we were able to attract numerous professionals from the game industry to come negotiate at our booth and as a result expected to earn JPY 10 million from the exhibit. CYPHERTEC, Japan

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